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Welcome to the CARS program Public Information Site. Please browse our site for information about the program, or download the information in PDF format here.

Monthly Reports

To view CARS/511 call statistics in Microsoft Excel format here.

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This site was designed to provide general information about the CARS (Condition Acquisition and Reporting System) program.

CARS is a condition reporting system now used by many states, cities, and transportation agencies in the U.S. and Canada to assemble traveler information and to support the dissemination of it to the public automatically through 511, the Web, Highway Advisor Radio/Low Power FM transmitters, and other media. To learn more about CARS and the CARS program, start with our Overview.

** PLEASE NOTE: This site is not affiliated with the Car Allowance Rebate System, formerly referred to as "Cash for Clunkers." For information about the Car Allowance Rebate System, please visit

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